• Creative Gone MAD

    Born and raised in Houston, Texas, self-published author and freelance writer Brian Bowers is a graduate of Oberlin College. After studying in Cairo, Egypt, Bowers was drawn to the idea of sustaining and unifying diverse cultures through all forms of creative expression.

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    Creative Gone MAD
  • Shadows Chasing Light

    Shadows Chasing Light is a poetic narrative written in a literary tradition that deeply explores the experiences, challenges and triumphs of a soul in the midst of revelation-a revelation of itself. Capturing snapshots of grief, happiness, unrequited love and an infinite longing for the formless unseen, the work is built upon central themes of awakening, remembrance and reconnecting to one's soul purpose.

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    Shadows Chasing Light
  • Teespring Campaign

    Creative Gone MAD is a simple brand design made by a [MAD] creative for [MAD] creative(s). Inspired by "Letters to a Young Poet" written by Rainer Maria Rilke, the 'Live The Questions' design combines the simplicity of this mantra which a touch of madness. The Creative Gone MAD philosophy is based on a very simple belief that as children, our ability to express ourselves and live freely is at its peak.

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    Teespring Campaign
  • UK Interview

    Robert Rankine of Thinking Plainly Limited meets Brian Bowers. The two talk about Shadows Chasing Light, experiences in self-publishing and the ambition driving '5th Principle Productions Thoughtpress'.