Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

Creative Gone MAD, Day 29: A Return to Love

So, 30 days ago, I started this journey with no clue of where I was going or what it was going to lead up to. I still don’t know where it is leading—maybe this is the end or maybe it is the beginning. What I will say, is that I cannot remember feeling this deeply […]

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Creative Gone MAD, Day 28: Inspiration

Last night, I had a bit of tribal connection going on with a group of my friends. At the moment, we are scattered all over the place, but we connected yesterday in a really beautiful and fantastic way despite the distance. As part of my experience last night, I even spent a bit of time sleeping […]

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Creative Gone MAD, Day 27: Reclamation

This is a turning point in the journey. The level of connection I feel around me is so warm and sweet. I don’t have much to say. This summer, so far has been surprising one. Earlier this year, I wrote down exactly what I wanted this summer. Maybe I will share that list, one day. I set […]

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