Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

Creative Gone MAD, Day 26: Impressions

So I was browsing online looking for Tibetan singing bowls for a dear friend of mine a few moments ago. I am amazed by the buzz words and catch phrases vendors [effectively] use to draw certain responses from a reader. I saw a lot about fair trade, equality, cooperative, and all things that imply sustainability […]

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Creative Gone MAD, Day 25: Simple Truths

I just realized the time and I don’t know how much I am going to be able to write in such a compressed window. Then I also realized I hadn’t published day 24 yesterday, though I spent such a long time writing it. Then again, I guess the best ideas can be said simply, right? […]

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Creative Gone Mad, Day 24: The Fire of Passion

Every night I sit down to right this blog, I start to wonder where I am going with all of this. Funny to think it has been almost month of writing one day after the next. I planned this project some time ago, not entirely sure of how it would materialize. I suppose in many […]

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