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Creative Gone MAD, Day 21: Gratefulness and Abundance

Creative_Gone_Mad_Day_21_Gratefulness_and_Abundance_8222015 copy Today I had a conversation with a friend who said something wonderful to me that made my soul smile. I love conversations like that. Superficiality bothers me, honestly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy having light-hearted conversations. Generally speaking, I like weird, intense, deep, and provocative people. This type of person keeps my interest without trying and I also feel like there is an opportunity for mutual growth and exploration through the sharing of thoughts, feelings and perspectives. Well, needless to say the conversation I had earlier was the second of a series of wonderful, thoughtful discussions this week! It was exactly what I described and it came from someone who fits this description to the t. #friendsforever…haha! 🙂 Trailing on my post from yesterday, I think I had a bit of a breakthrough in my life. Like, I think I figured something out about myself and I am not sure how to say it in words. Then again, that isn’t entirely true. I’m just choosing not to really. But if you read yesterday’s post, you kind of know what I am talking about. I shared that discovery with one of my dearest friends today, and who would have known that my sharing would have such a positive impact on them as well. I love when life allows you to progress, and then pays it forward by helping another person progress as well. This week, I have been trying to practice being more grateful. I’ve been trying to think about all the wonderful things and people in my life while focusing less on the things that have gone wrong or that I don’t have. This year has been a year of change. A year of gains and losses, a year of perspective and growth, but it isn’t even over. What I am finding though, is that the mind always wants to switch to deficit mode and approach life from all the things I don’t have. Maybe…it’s some sort of evolutionary thing. Like, we recognize what our needs are rather than recognizing where we are satisfied first. We have to get the needs met either way, but I feel that initial thought or idea has far reaching implications. And I shouldn’t say we recognize our needs, because sometimes what we think are needs, they are really wants. It is so easy to lament and be upset about all of the things we do not have in our lives. When we do this, a vicious cycle of negative thinking and reactive behavior is set in motion. The ‘doctrine of scarcity’ will always tell us there isn’t enough love, enough money, enough good, or enough happiness to go around. Combine this with our natural tendency to focus on areas of deficiency, and we are tricked out of recognizing the greatness and potential within us and around us.  In order to live more abundantly and welcome freedom, expression, love, and wealth of all kinds, we have to shift our thinking. While this doesn’t mean that things will happen overnight, day by day this critical change starts to put our minds, hearts, and bodies in alignment with the lives we truly want to live. Yours Truly, Creative Gone MAD