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Creative Gone MAD, Day 22: Flexibility

Creative_Gone_Mad_Day_22_flexibility_8232015 copy I think the right word for this year, if I had to pick one, would definitely be change. I should really stop acting like this year has come to an end. We obviously have a number of months left (and my birthday is coming up as well, yikes…months away), but it just feels like everything has moved so quickly. I don’t know, I just can’t help but speak about it in that way. I think because I feel in a way, an era of my life is coming to an end. I am changing on a fundamental level, and I am looking back on the years with such wonder. I am even sort of amazed some of these things are happening to me. But, such is life, and life is beautiful…tough…but a beautiful in so many ways. In the midst of such great change and shifting, one thing I’ve realized is the need to remain adaptable and responsive. My old co-workers would laugh at me if they heard me say this. In the world of business, a company can remain competitive if it positions itself to quickly respond to ever-evolving customer needs and desires. The customer has an emergency, you respond. The customer needs to make a last minute change, you respond. With this positioning, your business model is completely in service of your customer when they need you. And if you are successful in meeting those needs—they will always look to you to fulfil them. I feel like sometimes, we make choices in life and we set off down a particular path and become completely blind to our need to adjust and change positions. This doesn’t always mean you are getting off a certain path, it just means in order to proceed, you might have to adjust in ways you hadn’t planned to. Maybe another passenger is coming toward you, so you need to get on the right. Maybe you need to take a few steps back to make adjustments before you go forward. Maybe you have to crouch down to avoid hitting your head on a tree branch, I don’t know, you get the point I am making. When you are traveling down a certain path, there can be any number of reasons why you have to make adjustments. Remaining flexible and responsive is the best way to travel on any given path. We have all been guilty of making choices or decisions in a reactive manner, allowing our feelings, impulses, fears, and even allowing our anger to steer us in the wrong direction. When things don’t happen as we have planned, the last thing we should do is become fixed, inflexible, and rigid. There is no value in priding ourselves on our inability to change. Life does not urge us to become immovable. In fact, every moment life urges us to practice being flexible and to develop our ability to cope with the most challenging positions. Doing this is one thing, but if we can do it with humility, grace, and patience, we have truly accomplished something grate that will last a lifetime. Yours Truly, Creative Gone MAD