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Creative Gone MAD, Day 23: Reconnecting

You know…so this morning, I feel like I had another ‘layer’ of that awakening I was talking about. When things start coming to us, it literally feels like we have been asleep our entire lives. I am starting to watch myself move, listen to myself talk, and I am really…starting to feel things I’ve never felt before. I think there is a sense of abandon that is developing. But it’s not really abandon though. It’s a sense of not being able to continue to living life the way I have lived it. I have always said you can’t change people, life changes people. People experience something or someone that radically changes or shifts their lives, and then suddenly they change, grow, or evolve. Life brings them to a point of evolution, and then it happens right before our eyes. What I have learned the past few weeks is the beauty of connection and embracing change and evolution. It has not been easy, but I think there is some wisdom that I certainly cannot put into words. Every single day, I try my best to describe this process, and I am failing more and more with each try. It doesn’t stop me from trying though, inbetween all of my rambling of course. My friends, family members, and dear others have been so supportive in listening to me ramble on about theories, philosophies, and ideas. So supportive and so patient I might add. In many ways, I think they are starting to see a new person emerge, more daring and willing to go after the things that once seemed so difficult and unimaginable. As this happens, I notice our relationships are becoming stronger and more sincere. It’s almost as though I can feel the strength of the connections themselves, and it’s a great feeling—you can’t fake that. I think I am able to connect with them more, because I am in direct connection with myself. It is truly amazing how disconnected we can be from who we are and not even know it. As we start to slowly restore the connection to our authentic selves, it becomes easier to separate the wheat from the chaff in our lives. The closer we get to our core, the more we desire people around us who are doing the same and the more we attract those who are consciously on similar paths.  If we are lucky, we will find ourselves surrounded by bold, courageous souls who inspire us to discover the stability that rests deep within. These inner reserves offer us all the energy, strength, and nutrition we each need to survive in this life, fulfill our purpose, and reach our goals. Yours Truly, Creative Gone MAD