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Creative Gone Mad, Day 24: The Fire of Passion

Every night I sit down to right this blog, I start to wonder where I am going with all of this. Funny to think it has been almost month of writing one day after the next. I planned this project some time ago, not entirely sure of how it would materialize. I suppose in many ways, it has turned into one open diary—less poetic, less inspiring, and more thought speak. Just a flow of ideas. The heightened sense of awareness I have experienced is absolutely amazing, though.  The things I feel and the things I can see about myself, I definitely wasn’t able to see or feel before. I think sitting down and listening very closely to my thoughts has positioned me to do this somewhat regularly. I am always monitoring the dialogue I am having with myself, watching my thought patterns and habits as they unfold. Its kind a creepy actually, lol, but it makes for great learning nonetheless. Today, I have been reflecting a lot on persistence and endurance. Of course I’ve talked about this before. What is it that makes some people able to work tirelessly toward a certain goal? What is it that makes them push forward no matter what, no matter how bleak or dire things seem? It seems like something far greater than hope.  I don’t mean this in some depressing way, at all. I have a ton of talented friends. But within this group, there is a certain subset that is able to dedicate themselves tirelessly to the pursuit of their goals. They aren’t concerned with statuses, titles, money…etc, it’s something bigger than that. Their dedication to their cause inspires me to do the same, granted some of them think I am far more committed to my ideas and ideals than they are. At some point in the pursuit of a certain goal, your ability to maintain your composure and ‘push through’ is tested. Many of us want to enjoy the fruits of success without enduring the sacrifices, ridicule, pain, and enormous setbacks that might come along the way. Whether it is a matter of patience, perseverance, or dedication, if you are ever able to find a spark inside of you that grows strong enough to set your world on fire—don’t ever lose it. There are people who wait their entire lives to find a path or calling that makes them feel alive. Regardless of what it is, if you find that thing, you pursue it with fierce determination and ride it until the wheels fall off. Yours Truly Creative Gone MAD