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Creative Gone MAD, Day 27: Reclamation

Creative_Gone_Mad_Day_27_Reclamation_8282015 copy This is a turning point in the journey. The level of connection I feel around me is so warm and sweet. I don’t have much to say. This summer, so far has been surprising one. Earlier this year, I wrote down exactly what I wanted this summer. Maybe I will share that list, one day. I set off the beginning of the year expecting one experience, midway through, I expected another. They were all off base, and not what I anticipated, or were they? But what it has been, what I feel right now, is exceptional. What a fantastic feeling. What an indescribable feeling—right now, in this moment. I have no idea how long it will last. But…it is such a glorious a peace that reaches far beyond my understanding…that’s a biblical reference, of course.   remember yourself reclaim yourself love yourself take care of yourself —take back your life.   For what its worth and whatever it means to you. Night Stars, shine bright. Yours Truly, Creative Gone MAD