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Creative Gone MAD, Day 28: Inspiration

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Last night, I had a bit of tribal connection going on with a group of my friends. At the moment, we are scattered all over the place, but we connected yesterday in a really beautiful and fantastic way despite the distance. As part of my experience last night, I even spent a bit of time sleeping under the moon. You’d be amazed to know how busy the world is when some of us are sleeping. But then at some point, there was stillness. And I realized the beauty of nature. One of the things I will start doing more of in the coming weeks (Read: starting next week) is getting back out in nature. I grew up in a very scenic natural environment where I was constantly wandering around, climbing trees, looking for stones, eating fresh fruit or pecans. It was just one of the most beautiful times of my life. Even though my family life was not perfect, we had so much to be grateful for. We still do, of course and I certainly do…but there was something fantastic about being surrounded by the lush beauty. This coming week, arrange some time to spend 10 or 20 minutes in nature. But don’t busy your mind or your body. Just try to feel the connection you have to everything living and bustling around you. Take this journey as a humble observer. As human beings, it is so easy to forget we are a part of nature and should be in concert, not in competition. What greater display of ambition, growth, evolution, and wild creativity than nature itself. You are connected to an endless source of energy and creativity that often defies explanation and reason. Such moments should leave you recharged, refreshed, and inspired about what is possible for your life. Yours Truly Creative Gone MAD