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Creative Gone MAD, Entrepreneurship, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, Relationships, Solitude, Soul Searching
So I was browsing online looking for Tibetan singing bowls for a dear friend of mine a few moments ago. I am amazed by the buzz words and catch phrases vendors [effectively] use to draw certain responses from a reader. I saw a lot about fair trade, equality, cooperative, and all things that imply sustainability and equity. At first, I wanted to send her those, but I realize the one word I was looking for was ‘original’ or ‘authentic’ which none of them said. Sad, because I’d really like to get her one similar to the one I bought in Dubai. It was from Nepal…so they say! But then I saw fashion designer Donna Karan has her own brand/branded Tibetan singing bowls. Yes, you are reading that correctly and please google this if you don’t believe me. I’d post an image myself if a) copyright wasn’t a concern, b) I wasn’t so lazy. They are very stylish bowls, actually, and have a very clean and polished look about them. Believe it or not, despite the tone of this paragraph, I didn’t judge her. I mean, the reality is that she or someone else has made this decision and I assume it is likely profitable for them. And then I thought, perhaps it’s not about profitability. Maybe she feels that if she extends her brand to something spiritual and meaningful, it might expose an otherwise underexposed audience, to this spiritual practice. It got me to thinking, though—what am I doing to leave my mark on things? In what ways am I creating ideas, business models, art projects, or branding ideas that generate energy and have impact? What is amazing about ‘public personas’ that have these huge persona brands is that they operate as businesses. They look for unique ways to put their signature on things that immediately give the impression that somehow, this particular item is now imbued with their essence. Now many of us know this is not the case, but it definitely makes people feel that way and I’m sure they think that way as well. But then I realized, every breath I take, I am leaving a mark or an impression. Its not about commerce or trade. Every choice I make in my life, it has the potential to immediately impact the life of another person. I realized, this not a thought that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. We often passively engage with the world around us, with the people around us. We do things, sometimes, completely in our own heads and in our own worlds. I spent a fair amount of time thinking about this, then I realized how important it is to constantly be aware of the choices we make and ALSO the intentions behind them. While we can have ‘good’ or ‘bad’ intentions and end up with results contrary to whatever we were aiming for, that doesn’t change the fact that we should always have them in mind. When life as we know it has ended for each of us, so much of our lives will be about the impressions we leave behind. With every word, interaction, creation, or relationship, we create vibrations that quickly ripple throughout the universe and will eventually return to their sender. As such, we should make sure our intentions are always of the highest order, but not because we want some sort of universal favor. We should do it because we realize the impact we have on the worlds and lives around us. This realization should make us want to leave things better than they were before we came. Yours Truly, Creative Gone MAD

Art and Commerce, Creative Gone MAD, Entrepreneurship, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, Relationships, Solitude, Soul Searching
Creative_Gone_Mad_Day_25_Simple_Truths_8262015 copy I just realized the time and I don’t know how much I am going to be able to write in such a compressed window. Then I also realized I hadn’t published day 24 yesterday, though I spent such a long time writing it. Then again, I guess the best ideas can be said simply, right? Not that I would know, because I tend to write, write, and then I go and write some more…don’t I? Why the hurry…welllll… So basically, I started working on some design stuff and now it is completely consuming me. Like, I don’t know how to stop it. I started with one concept, and I didn’t realize that concept was leading me somewhere else. Now I feel I  ‘have’ what I was looking for in the first place. I thought that first idea was the one, but then I realized, I had to modify…a bit like starting over but not completely. What do I want to say, though? Life is good—truly. There is nothing wrong with starting over and giving something a second try. There is nothing wrong with falling down, as long as you get back up. There is nothing wrong with what we perceive as failure, as long as it is a pit stop to our final destination. Clearly you can see where this is going. Some may call them clichés, trite expressions. The truth is, if we truly embraced these simple expressions, we would all be less afraid. We would all be more courageous, brave, and full of hope. Each of us would be a bit more audacious and daring. It goes to show that even simple truths, though often repeated, are rarely understood and accepted. But you must know that your life will not fail you and you must trust that this is a fact. Yours Truly, Creative Gone MAD

Art and Commerce, Creative Gone MAD, Entrepreneurship, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, Solitude, Soul Searching
Every night I sit down to right this blog, I start to wonder where I am going with all of this. Funny to think it has been almost month of writing one day after the next. I planned this project some time ago, not entirely sure of how it would materialize. I suppose in many ways, it has turned into one open diary—less poetic, less inspiring, and more thought speak. Just a flow of ideas. The heightened sense of awareness I have experienced is absolutely amazing, though.  The things I feel and the things I can see about myself, I definitely wasn’t able to see or feel before. I think sitting down and listening very closely to my thoughts has positioned me to do this somewhat regularly. I am always monitoring the dialogue I am having with myself, watching my thought patterns and habits as they unfold. Its kind a creepy actually, lol, but it makes for great learning nonetheless. Today, I have been reflecting a lot on persistence and endurance. Of course I’ve talked about this before. What is it that makes some people able to work tirelessly toward a certain goal? What is it that makes them push forward no matter what, no matter how bleak or dire things seem? It seems like something far greater than hope.  I don’t mean this in some depressing way, at all. I have a ton of talented friends. But within this group, there is a certain subset that is able to dedicate themselves tirelessly to the pursuit of their goals. They aren’t concerned with statuses, titles, money…etc, it’s something bigger than that. Their dedication to their cause inspires me to do the same, granted some of them think I am far more committed to my ideas and ideals than they are. At some point in the pursuit of a certain goal, your ability to maintain your composure and ‘push through’ is tested. Many of us want to enjoy the fruits of success without enduring the sacrifices, ridicule, pain, and enormous setbacks that might come along the way. Whether it is a matter of patience, perseverance, or dedication, if you are ever able to find a spark inside of you that grows strong enough to set your world on fire—don’t ever lose it. There are people who wait their entire lives to find a path or calling that makes them feel alive. Regardless of what it is, if you find that thing, you pursue it with fierce determination and ride it until the wheels fall off. Yours Truly Creative Gone MAD